The toothbrush comes with powerful vibrations for better cleaning. The design is in the style of Xiaomi, Beautiful. Then there is an application that takes the teeth cleaning process to a another level. Sonic series has evolved a lot over the last 14 year of its debut. It has first been associated with Philips and is available in the market since the early 2000s.


Rated voltage:3.7V
Power:2 W
Waterproof:IPX7 (toothbrush and charging dock)
Charging time:more than 12 hours
Battery:700 mAh lithium-ion battery
Sensors :hand gestures and areas of cleaning and work time.
Cleaning Modes:3
Number of vibrations :31000 /mins.
Bristles :DuPont
Application:Ability to control through the App

The appearance of the Xiaomi MiJia Sonic toothbrush is same like as other Xiaomi premium products. It has a milky white plastic shade cover, which is common with most of the Xiaomi smart devices.

The end of the brush comes wearing a plastic cap. It protects the brush while in transit. Before first use, you have to remove this protective plastic so that you can plug your brush.A single button can control the whole toothbrush. There is a gray button, made by seamless technology fit in the brush. The button has a rubber surface for comfortable handling.

You will get three modes of working with the smart toothbrush. There are three indicators to represent each mode: A large circle, a small circle and a heart. Indicators also represent battery level, and there is also a branding of the MiJia logo.


The Xiaomi MiJia Sonic toothbrush is a smart toothbrush it can be command by both smart brush button or by Xiaomi App. You can switch through modes just by clicking a single button. The mode you select will get light up, and battery charge level will also indicate on the handle.


The application helps a lot with the toothbrush. It will make your teeth cleaning process more efficient and friendly.The MiHome app itself allows you to estimate your cleansing, charge you brush, provides statistics down to whether you adopt in the process of cleaning teeth. You can see more information about the brush and read about the harmful plaque and bacteria from the App.


The Xiaomi MiJia Sonic toothbrush is uniquely excellent. We did not find any drawbacks except it is a little bit costly, and there is only one set of the nozzle with the kit. However, this is the way of the company.
With high end built quality, the power is excellent. It can quickly clean your teeth, and after using a month, you can instantly notice teeth whitening.  After cleaning the feeling is excellent, and the teeth are clean. The new feature of the App includes its ability to indicate if you have cleaned the whole mouth. It let you adjust additional modes for the brush and adjust the strength of the vibration. Furthermore, the brush is beautiful. the battery lasts a long time, and the vibration is transmitted little to the hand.

Source: Xiaomi


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