Xiaomi got its name for innovation and new creation. Though Samsung also keeps it’s name in place of new technology. After samsung, Xiaomi has nownow planned to launch a foldable smartphone . Recently a video of the Xiaomi Foldable smartphone handled by the president of Xiaomi Lin Bin , circulated on the social medias . And with few minutes ,the video gained a massive million likes.

This 51 seconds video showed the clear picture of the foldable smartphone. Unlike Samsung Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone does not fold in one way.. This phone contains 2 folds , which converts the large display into one small display.

Approx.the display size if said to be 8″. According to the translated text, the device is dubbed Xiaomi Dual Flex or Mi Flex. Xiaomi’s foldable phone when opened fully is rectangle shaped with MIUI running on it. Lin Bin then turns the phone to landscape mode and folds it from both sides.

Xiaomi also has planned to reveal more on Mi Flex later next month through the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which is scheduled in February.

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