A recent announcement from Samsung’s display manufacturing unit revealed that they have developed the world’s first ever Ultra HD OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) for laptops. The laptops which comes with this display will have a 15.6-inches screen and a resolution of 3840*2160.

This display can view 3.4 million colors and can meet the DCI P3 Color Gamut. According to their statement this display will have ultra-wide viewing angles low level of blue light and high resolution. This will come with 1.7 times higher color volume when compared to LCD displays. Samsung believes that they can even compete with higher end premium displays with this particular display.

Tech experts believe that this laptop displays will have much better HDR gaming and media experience. As the outdoor visibility is so good, it may also be useful for those tech Workers who carry their Laptops and stuffs everywhere. The price will be roughly around 50$ – 60$ which is (3600 – 4300 Rs). These OLED panels will be much thinner and far more energy efficient than the Previous generation LCD panels.

Highlight – Samsung will start mass production of these displays from middle of February 2019.


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