The Chinese manufacturer Vivo has been pushing the boundaries of Smartphone design recently which can be experienced from “The Vivo Nex” with the Pop-up Camera design and the “Vivo Nex Dual” with the dual display. Even though it is highly doubted that if the company is making any profit with these new releases, they are not stopping right now. A new leak suggest that Vivo is working on a new smartphone with another innovative design which is called as “The Vivo Waterdrop Phone”

The Crazy Design

According to the leak this particular Vivo Phone is completely made of a single continuous piece of a glass and there won’t be any gaps or wholes for any for any stuffs like camera and charging and this phone won’t even have any buttons which leaves us with a lot of questions!

Is it possible?

Yes and No

*Removing the Charging port is possible as there is Wireless Charging.

*In display finger print sensor takes care of the biometrics.

*Removing the buttons is also possible.

*High speed data transfer is also possible without port.

Things get complicated when cameras are taken into account as of now the only thing they can do about it is to provide a Camera sensor under the display or under the glass in Rear side of things.

And the Durability of this phone as well as integrity are highly doubted. Still we couldn’t get a full view of the phone, only a few portions are leaked.


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