Last week Xiaomi launched a new note series mobile the Redmi note 7 in china. The major highlight in the mobile is its 48Mp camera. The pricing is around 10000 INR but the camera is 48Mp. So there are many news that Xiaomi has cheated and the 48Mp sensor is fake. In this blog we are going to know about the real truth.

Xiaomi has used Samsung’s GM1 sensor. The sensor actually not an 48Mp sensor, it is a 12+5 Mp camera setup. But the main thing is “Quad Bayer arrangement”.

Quad Bayer arrangement is the process of producing image by using four same pixel’s , which enables image processing at same and bright light levels. This improves the quality of the image. The image taken with this sensor is not technically equal to the other 48Mp sensors like Sony IMX586 .

So it’s the real truth behind the Redmi note 7 smartphone’s 48 Mp camera. Actually Xiaomi has not cheated us . Because they have clearly mentioned that the mobile comes with samsung GM 1 sensor..


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