TRAI has issued a new statement clarifying that consumers will have full choice on the SD channels they can choose in the 100 channels pack

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a new statement clarifying that consumers will have full choice on the SD (standard definition) channels they can get as part of its new rules and regulations for DTH and cable operators.

TRAI in a new press release on January 10 said that customers have complete freedom to choose the 100 free channels (SD resolution), which will be offered in the base pack of Rs 130 (exclusive of taxes).

In the press statement TRAI has said, “Consumer has complete freedom to choose their desired 100 Standard Definition (SD) channels within the network capacity fee of maximum Rs 130. The desired channels could be in a-la-carte, Free to Air channels, or Pay channels or bouquet of pay channels or any combination thereof. The choice completely rests with the consumers.

This means that the 100 channels being offered in this base pack of Rs 130 can all be decided by the consumer. These 100 channels can be from free to air or paid channels also or the bouquet of channels being showcased by the broadcaster. How a user decides this 100 channel combination is entirely up to them.

TRAI’s statement adds that it has noticed that some broadcasters are advertising their channels only in the form of monthly bouquets, where they have bundled together several channels. “Customer may note that they have  option to choose channels on a-la-carte also,” reminds TRAI.

For example, one network will have bouquet offering, where say five of their channels are clubbed together and offered for a per month cost.But users should know that they can choose a channel individually, and do not have to pick the bouquet with all the extra channels.


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