As the voice assistant is a part of our companion in our daily life. Making it more easier to connect ourselves to the gadgets and move around. The Voice Assistant is now special dealing with fixing appointments, texting messages and connecting our home for integrated services. Lot of Inc have been working hard to support the humans in providing the best AI technology to interact with. And we have picked a handful of smart speakers for your purpose to end this 2018.

  • Sonos One

Sonos one is packed with rich design look and sound quality ecosystem. It has a touch sensitive surface mainly for sleeker design. It’s body is fully adaptable to every environment even in its style. The product is available in Amazon for Rs.26200

  • Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is comparatively small making it easier for you to access with ease by placing near your laptops or PC’s. The device handles many features like connecting your homes, playing lite music suiting your mood and Alarms at your bedside. The product is available in Flipkart for Rs.4,499

  • Apple HomePod

The speciality of the Apple Homepod comparing it with other devices, featuring the automatically tunes itself to give you optimal sound. The Apple HomePod also supports apps like Audible, Books and more. The product is available in Apple for $349

  • Amazon EchoSpot

The Amazon Echo Spot sports a digital display in the front making it easier for the users to make video calls, getting live notifications from the device. The product is available in Amazon Rs.10,999

  • Bose Home Speaker 500

If it is wireless speaker, the Bose will get into the market no matter the competitor is. The Bose also features a RGB display turning it into any colors. The product is available in the Indian Rs.39,000


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