With numerous smartphones coming out in the market, There are some cool accessories to use up with the smartphones. The gadgets may however be an after market or the parental company of their own.

1. Gaming controller

If you are regular gamer both on the PS4 & smartphone. The gaming joystick is specially for you to rule the gaming world. These gadgets have a continuation for gamers to adapt on

2. Wireless charger

As the name suggests wireless charging is a game changing for the smartphone industries considering it has a a specifications for the smartphones. Some wireless chargers is packed fast charging & standing experience for the voice recognition purpose.

3. Solar Powerbank

These powerbanks are efficient to use upon charging. The solar powerbank is a not to worry about gadget where it is a boon for the travelers. However these gadgets are not recommended for cloudy days.

4. Mobile lens

These lens come in varities like fisheye, telephoto, portrait & macro lens. The smartphones however being expensive may not handle certain modes properly. These lens may be a perfect tool for photographers out there.

5. USB charging stations

The USB charging stations handles a bundle of chargers which can be a gain for the housefull fighting for their phones to charge. Some USB charging ports can handle upto 7 stations and even supports tablets.

Please let us know about your favorite smartphone gadgets in the comments sections below. and what do you mostly prefer ?


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