If you think we just stepped into the whole bezeless concept, there is more in the upcoming years starting with the foldable and transparent displays. The 2019 will be up in a month so there may be smartphones with 5G support, 10GB RAM formats and much more. It was Samsung, Huawei and Oppo who had unveiled their foldable smartphone sporting with the ultimate tech.

Now it’s the Sony stepping into the competitors world of Foldable displays.  Later in the early 2015, it was Sony who had mastered the 4K display phone creating an impact on other competitors like Samsung and Apple. With the sources from Digit, the Sony Inc has already filed a patent which it had depicted about the transparent and foldable displays.

The patent reveals that the smartphone will portray transparent display, two displays have to be placed opposite each other, the foldable smartphone is therefore equipped with four screens. The patent speaks about the possibility to integrate a camera in the right display. It also retains the possibility to produce a foldable smartphone with three or more foldable display parts . Finally, the possibility of a transparent roller-clear display is outlined.

However stepping into the 2019 will be more of a future world for the tech fans expecting various modules creating an eco-friendly environment.


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