Delhi-based Samy Informatics on Wednesday introduced a 32-inch Android Smart TV, priced at Rs 4,999, which would cost a consumer around Rs 7,000 after shipping and installation costs of Rs 1,200 and a GST of 18 per cent.

 The company is targeting the lower income family group besides other classes

Claiming it to be the cheapest LED TV in the market, Samy Informatics Director Avinash Mehta said

Our plan is to generate revenue from this. Whenever the customer would switch on the TV, a commercial ad would run and we are trying to generate revenue from this model,” he said, adding that “this could also be skipped by a viewer”.

According to him, for the commercials, Samy has already received some proposals regarding it and has also selected few one from them. The company would import the panel from South Korea and the rest would be assembled here through various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), with whom Samy has tie-up.

“The actual cost of the TV unit would be around 20 per cent more,” he said, adding that “this would be between Rs 6,000 to Rs 7,000” and that the revenue generated by it would subsidise it.

At Present, 32-inch screen size TVs are available in the market starting from around Rs 10,000. Samy’s TV would be available online only, where a customer would have a to fill a form available on its portal and then it would be delivered to them.

Samy Informatics, a start-up, was registered in 2016 and had started delivering the TV units from 2017 only.


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