If you think you haven’t moved to the bezeless smartphone. Thanks to the Samsung Inc for their first foldable smartphone which was unveiled yesterday. The device was camouflaged with the phone case showcasing under the dim lighting circumstances. The Officials at samsung says that the smartphone will start manufacturing the device matter of months.

Photo: Samsung

In the Samsung Developer Conference SDC , The Samsung called its Foldable Smartphone as Infinity Flex Technology. However the Samsung did reveal some features like main display of 7.3 AMOLED Display and cover display featuring 4.55 inches smartphone, Pixel density & aspect ratio.

As the sources said by the Guardian Hauwei is said to launching its foldable smartphone in 2019. May be the Samsung’s idea was to put forth idea of their Foldable smartphone earlier than ever. Samsung however launched three apps for multitasking window in order for its foldable smartphone putting into the effect. The Google Dev has also extended their work for the Foldables including Flipkart with other leading developers.

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