The Chinese manufacturing giants ‘Xiaomi’ recently transformed Redmi into a complete sub brand. They have also launched the first ever phone under their new sub brand “The Redmi Note 7” in China which may hit Indian Market by this month.

Are they done yet?


They are now working on launching the PRO version of the phone aka Redmi note 7 Pro which is expected to launch as early as February.

Recently a leak from Chinese microblogging website suggests that Redmi note 7 pro will be insanely powerful than the Redmi note 7 itself. And this particular phone is expected to come with a Qualcomm snapdragon 675, I have already written an article on the performance standard of Snapdragon 675

Recently a device with this snapdragon 675 performed even better than snapdragon 710 in benchmarking websites, According to some experts suggestion that phone could be the Redmi note 7 pro,

This phone will also come with a 48 MP sony IMX 586 camera sensor unlike Redmi note 7 which came out with a 48MP Samsung sensor. This sony sensor can shoot far better photos and videos than the Redmi note 7.

Even though there is a huge bump in specifications the price haven’t gone so high, It is expected to release in china with a price tag of CNY 1,399 – 1,499 which when converted becomes Rs 14,600 – Rs 15,700



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