The fourth season of the PUBG mobile has already been ended and the gamers are excited about the next season, lets hope for the good and have a look at what we know about the fifth season.


There weren’t any official updates about the 5th season but a few reports and leaks suggest that the new season will bring new outfits, Weapons, Skins and even a zombie mode, This zombie mode have a chance of debuting into the game even before the next season is open.

As we all knew season 4 had a snow theme and a vikendi snow map, season 5 is having a fire theme which indicates that in the middle of season 5 we may get a zombie or an apocalypse map. Even new skins of weapons had a fire pattern on them.

The new outfits may have structures inspired from assassins’ warriors and more. A dragon skin is expected to come for Kar98 which looks legendary. For vehicles it is expected to be visualized with some ice cream skins and multi colored dune buggy skins. Another most expected thing in the upcoming season is the new weapon MK47 which is already available in PC version of the game.

Another expected thing is that now there is a chance of converting Bp into UC which may help many players to buy the Elite pass. Some reports suggest that the zombies will be available on Erangel, with bunch of zombies attacking players.


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