The PUBG has finally landed on Sony Playstation 4 which is said be arriving on December 7. It had already launched their game in Xbox One as on December 2017 & PC console on March 2017. After lots of rumors, its now official that the PUBG is said to be arriving for Sony PS4 & PS4 Pro.

The PUBG in PS4 is packed with Erangel, Mirmar & Sanhok maps. And the PS4 Pro will have HDR support. As far as the Sony PS4, the snow themed mode is arriving in the winter. While pre-ordering for the PUBG has been included with special rewards like Ellie’s Bagpack & Nathan’s Drake Outfit as in-game items. The pricing for the PUBG is fixed Rs.2750 for Looters edition adds the Survivor Pass: Vikendi – also available separately – which “offers an additional progression path for fans to claim extra rewards in-game” as well as a 2,300 G-Coin Pack and 20,000 BP., Rs.2750 for survival mode & Rs.4000 for the Championship edition which includes the game, the Survivor Pass: Vikendi, and a 6,000 G-Coin Pack and 20,000 BP.


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