The Chinese brand Oppo is all set to develop and release a new smartphone named “Poseidon”

Oppo being successfully developed in smartphone series,it received huge appreciation last year 2k18 with many hits like

  • Oppo F9 and Oppo f9 pro
  • Oppo R17 pro
  • Oppo R17

These were a huge success. Following that Oppo is planning to launch it’s new series “Posiedon” .

Oppo Posiedon was spotted on Geekbench with test results.

This smartphone is the first from Oppo to develop a wireless charging ability.

The phone achieved a total scores of ( which is the highest score)

  • Single-core :3810
  • Multi-core : 10963

This obtained score ,keeps the Poseidon under the Flagship category.

Now let’s come to the specifications:

The phone packs up the powerful Qualcomm Qualcomm 1.79GHz, with multi-core on a single processor. This is just enough to maintain the constant speed while playing powerful games like PUBG and Asphalt . The phone is also powered by Snapdragon 855.

With no doubts the phone will run on Android 9 ( Pie) update within it.

More what features we can expert from the name “Oppo Poseidon” is a full screen display with no Notch and a space for front camera.

It can moreover come up with a hole in the display setting for the front camera.

Where as, the rear camera would be of quad cam setting to cope up with current trend.

Some more features like in screen Fingerprint can also be brought in this POSEIDON.

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