Mi is now the leading brand and has become a competitor for all the smartphone brands.

Providing best features at low budget prices.

One of their game changer smartphone was POCO PHONE F1 .

After this achievement ,mi has gone a step further

That’s Mi Laptop Air.

This device comes up with many key features, which may make it a game changer.


Display – 12.5″ and 13.3″

CPU – Intel core 5, 6th Generation

Graphics – Dedicated graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 940 MX)

Full HD Display

Battery – 40 Wh , 9.5 hrs
Weight -1.28 Kg approx

Sound – Dolby 4K output

Charger – Type 1C


  1. Currently Mi laptop air is not for sale in India
  2. May be this year .


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