Lg has been a successful company. The launch of LG G7+ has made this world to stun with it’s features and price. This year LG has planned to release a foldable smartphone which folds outward.

This company has claimed many patents on the foldable smartphones,but this one looks unique and smart.

This phone comprises of two symmetrical phone which are stacked upon each other with a thick display. The fold is operated outwards so that ,the display can be enjoyed on both the sides. The phone is expected to launch during Mobile World Congress (MWC) , this January.

This new patent has revealed the exact looks of the Foldable smartphone. The patent reveals that the device form the outward folding looks like two symmetrically stacked smartphones that have been consolidated by a flexible touchscreen display. There is a spring-operated mechanism on the left part of the smartphone that elongates when it is unfolded. This spring operated mechanism keeps the setup tight when adhered without any wrinkles on it.

The phone ,when unfolded becomes a tablet and when folded becomes a smartphone. The Middle part contains many UI applications for navigation purposes.


  1. The launch date as been scheduled between Jan 25 and Jan 28 this year.
  2. No clue about the price,but with the design and features the price can go beyond 70k.

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