DxOMark evaluated the camera performance of the Huawei’s latest flagship phone “The Huawei Mate 20 Pro” and have given a score of about 109. Even though it is the highest ever score given for a smartphone by DxOMark, if you remember from the past there is another phone that scored the same score and the interesting thing is that particular phone is also from Huawei, which is the Huawei P20 Pro.

According to DxOMark, the mate 20 scored 114 in terms of photos and 97 in Video, while the P20 Pro had the same score for photo and a 98 for Video, as we all know that doesn’t make much of a difference.

There are some drawbacks with the Mate 20 pro when compared with the P20 pro, one of the main reasons for that draw back is that they switched from a monochrome sensor in P20 pro to an ultra-wide-angle lens, which has its own advantage. Another thing to notice here is that DxOMark doesn’t consider ultra wide angle to calculate the score.

Some of the key points from DxOMark testing are;

*Sharpness is little bit toned down from P20 Pro.

*P20 Pro had better details with the 3X optical zoom than the mate 20 pro.

*Bokeh effects in P20 pro were slightly better than the mate 20 pro.

*The overall details and the sharpness of the details are better than the P20 pro and the iPhone XS.

*Exposure is slightly better than P20 pro and the iphone XS.

Today most people judge the camera quality of the phones just by looking this DxOMark scores, but according to me just that scores doesn’t matter at end of the day, it’s our preference the output picture taken by a phone should come out as what we want it to be.


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