As the gaming which is an all time radiant for the people whether it is PC, Gaming Consoles & Smartphones. The gaming companies have been working hard connecting the bridge for people’s experience. Through the Virtual Reality, we have experienced the 3 Dimensions segment watching movies, experiencing images, games and so on.

HADO an augmented reality game which is from Japan based Inc Meleap Entertainment System have already came up with a new HADO AR TechnoSport combining sports and technology. HADO’s gaming experience have been enabled with motion sensor smartphone, VR headset & gesture input which allows the users to shoot energy balls & guard each other bringing the art of wall & ball gaming. There is an handful of HADO gaming experiences like HADO Monster Battle (HMB), HADO AR Dodgeball Player vs Player (PvP), HADO Shoot and HADO Kart which is going to released soon. The idea of HADO is to experience AR TechnoSport without wires and big monitor screen engaging the users with betterment of sports.

Unfortunately the HADO AR Gaming is currently unavailable in India. But for sure, the HADO’s have opened their doors for JAPAN, INDONESIA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, KOREA, CHINA, TAIWAN, VIETNAM, CAMBODIA, SPAIN, UK & USA. The HADO has also conducted various events, training facilities and even the WorldCup which took place in Singapore.

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