Google Search Bug Allows People to Hack Results to Spread Misinformation.

The search manipulation bug was documented by Wietze Beukema, a London-based security specialist, who warned that a malicious user could use this bug to generate misinformation.

According to a blog post by Wietze Beukema, who works for the Cyber Threat Detection & Response team at PwC, anyone can just add one parameter to a Google Search URL and a specific Knowledge Panel will appear next to the search results, even though it is not being intentionally shown by Google.

So, when you’d search: “What is the capital of INDIA,” you’d expect Delhi to return. Actually, you can make it any value — such as Bermuda



It also works if you search “Who is the Indian president?” You can just manipulate the result to read ” Ops “.

Beukema warned that this search manipulation bug could be used to spread factually incorrect information, or even propaganda.

It’s a mystery why Google, despite claims of political bias (though no evidence to say it’s true), has taken so long to fix a basic weakness in its search results that would make the service far more trustworthy.

A Google spokesperson told TechCrunch that it was “working to fix” the issue.



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