Night Sight

The Google Pixel Smartphones are noted for it’s camera performance and it’s software processing. Google brought a new feature called the Night Sight . It is one of the best evolution in the Smartphone Photography.
Night Sight is a separate mode which captures more photographs than usual and analyze using the algorithms and provide a final high quality image even in low light.

Image Comparison

Here are some photos to show the difference between Normal mode and Night Sight

Hdr mode on

Night sight enabled
Hdr mode
Night sight Enabled
Hdr mode on
Night sight Enabled

The feature also works well in selfies too. But the Night sight is not yet released Officially by Google . Xda’s one of the top Modder cstark27 noted for his work on gcam port modded this camera app with night sight. You can download the app for Pixel phone from the mirror link

Pixel night sight camera

For more sample images on night shift you can view the collection below

Night sight Images



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