We all know that e-commerce game has intensified quite a lot in recent days. Flipkart and Amazon are the two major online players in India. Amazon first introduced the Amazon prime Membership followed by which Flipkart introduced the Flipkart Plus Program.

First let’s see about Amazon prime Membership and then about Flipkart Plus!

Amazon Prime Membership:

To become a Amazon prime member you should pay either ₹129 every month or ₹999 for a year. In our opinion the ₹999 plan is worth your money.


Now let’s talk about the benefits offered by Amazon Prime Membership. To be true it offers a quite a lot of membership.

Prime delivery :

Firstly it offers all the Prime eligible products for a one day or a two day delivery according to you location. For a non Prime Member to get one day/two day delivery they must pay ₹100/80 respectively.in our case, we used to get delivery within 12hours regularly.

Prime Video:

Next benefit include Prime video. Yes,all prime members can use prime video for free. Prime video offers quite a lot of English and regional content.

Prime Music :

Same like the prime video, Amazon also offers prime Music for free. You get a whole bunch of songs to listen. And you won’t need to subscribe to any other music service.

Prime reading :

Amazon now has added prime reading to the list of benefits. Yes, if you are a book worm this means a lot to you! Now you can read a lot of books for free.

Early access to deals :

We all know that Amazon conducts a quite a bunch of sales like the Amazon Great indian sale and during this time there would be some irresistible offers. Prime members gets early access to these type of deals.

Disadvantages :

To be truthful, Amaozn prime Membership offers quite a lot for what you pay. And there no real disadvantages!

Flipkart Plus :

After the advent of Amazon prime membership. Flipkart also followed it footsteps and they brought their own version of prime membership and named it as Flipkart Plus!Unlike Amazon pay membership you need not anything but you need 50 coins to join the membership. To earn one coin you should purchase for ₹250 and 10 coins is limited for each purchase!

Benefits :

Flipkart Plus doens’t offer more benefits such as Amazon prime but do offer a quite a bit of them!

Coupons :

The main thing that flipkart offers is coupons!As soon as you join the program you get some welcome coupon such as
Feee viu subscription, book my show offers,etc!

And then they have the 50 coins slab, as soon as you reach the 50 coins mark you can exchange coins for other coupons like free flight ticket, ₹1000 worth flipkart voucher ,etc. You can find all these coupons inside the flipkart Plus zone!

Other benefits :

Flipkart advertises other benefits such as free fast delivery , early plus exclusive access to deals ,etc. But in reality as a flipkart Plus member we didn’t find anything useful!

Disadvantages :

We still think Flipkart Plus membership isn’t as matured as the Amazon prime membership and we think that Flipkart has to work a lot on it!

Verdict :

You have read both merits and demerits of both the programs and now you must also know which one we are going to recommend!Yes, we recommend Amazon prime members, as it has quite a lot of benefits compared to it’s counterpart. Hope this article was helpful, let’s meet again tomorrow with a awesome article!


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