Every apple users have a complaint on low battery capacity on their iPhone. For all the apple, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iphone XS Max owners you’ve got a great news. Apple has launched a Smart battery Cases for those phones . This smart battery cases can extend your battery for up to 39 hours!!.

You don’t beleive it right?! But you have got to. Because this case is provided with a soft-touch silicone exterior along with a soft elastomer hinge design and a microfibre lining inside. The battery pack hidden within the Smart Battery Case can be seen from the protruding case.

This smart battery case is available in two color Variants

  • Black
  • White

Based on the users preference they can choose the color. But ,the smart case comes with a price tag of 129$(approx. Rs 10,000) . Last time when apple announced a smart battery case for iPhone 6 and 6s ,there was a small bump for the battery to line up.

But in this case, there is not a bump which makes this great to handle.

Apple has  designed the Smart Battery Case in a way so that users will be able to use the available Lightning port either for wired charging or connecting their headphones. Also, there is support for Qi-certified chargers. This means you can wirelessly charge the new Smart Battery Case using a compatible wireless charger. Alternatively, you can opt for fast charging using USB-PD compatible chargers.


  • This smart case can extend your battery talktime capacity Upto 33Hrs
  • The smart case is avaliable abroad at the price of  129$ (approx. Rs.9200) 
  • There is no news on when the case is getting released and the price in India

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