• Two iPhone models will be a direct successor to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with a LCD display
  • The other one woukd consists of 3 rear cameras and a flash at the back

In a report, the  company had announced that the other two iPhone models will be the direct successors to the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. It is also said that ,the company would bring new camera features and the successor iPhone XS Max would present a triple rear camera in it .

According to a report in “The Wall Street, journal” Apple is said to be continuing with these three models for the year 2019. The specifications of the upcoming models are so secret ,in such a way , only one clue was given by WSJ is that the Highest end iPhone would set up a triple rear cameras.The report also reveals that Apple will continue with an LCD screen for the iPhone XR, partly since the “planned product has been in the product pipeline for months, and can’t be altered easily. The report also says that the LCD screen will be continued for the iPhone XR.

The current OLED panels used in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max phones can be considered to be capable of offering better contrast than the LCD panel present on the iPhone XR.

However within 2020 ,the apple could cope up with other brands to advanced technology.




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