AMD has unveiled their next-generation GPU at CES-2019, “The Radeon VII which is pronounced as Radeon seven or R7. This graphics card will be on sale from 7th of February. Apple Mac users are curious about this as they are limited to Nvidia’s GPU as of till now and AMD has announced that this Radeon VII GPU will open support for MacOS in the Future.

AMD has interpreted that this new GPU Provides 2 times more memory, 2.1 times more memory bandwidth, 36 percentage increase in performance for stuffs like editing and content creation and 29 percentage higher gaming performance on average than the previous generation graphics cards like Radeon RX Vega 64.


This GPU is built on 7nm Process Technology which makes this the first Graphics card in the world to do so, It packs in 3840 stream processors, 16GB of memory, It can handle up to 1 TB/s memory bandwidth and it comes with AMD FreeSync2 HDR technology.

Can it Compete Nvidia?

AMD has always been a step behind Nvidia in terms of high end gaming graphics cards race as they have always been into some stuffs which will provide good value for money like RX 580. But now with the release of this AMD Radeon VII they have challenged NVIDIA but the real reason behind their confidence is that AMD Radeon VII is built on top of 7nm process Technology but NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2080 is built on 12nm process architecture.

Things to be noted

This Radeon VII graphics card supports HDR gaming, at the time of announcing they showed ‘Devil may Cry 5’ game running at 4K resolution way above 60 fps. The second generation Vega Graphics architecture used in this GPU has blown everyone’s mind and most of the gamers and creators were waiting for this GPU to go on sale.


This Radeon VII will be priced at 699$ but when it comes to different countries the price may vary due to Tax and stuffs.


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