Xiaomi has pushed MIUI 10 to many of its smartphones, but now it is time to look forward. The company kicked off development of MIUI 11 which is said to be “a new and unique OS”, compared with the pervious updates that have been coming in the past two years.
The company held the Xiaomi MIUI Core Experience Annual Meeting, where Liu Ming, head of the product planning department, gave an inspiring speech and officially launched the MIUI 11 preparations.

Based on some of the photos from the presentation, MIUI 11 will be even faster than MIUI 9 and even AI-smarter than the current version. There will be more features that simulate human interaction and will allow easier use of the device.
No actual specs have been declared, but the company showcased inspiring stats like more than 300 million current MIUI users on over 40 different devices.


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